Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rape in India

January 10, 2012

Ah, India. A place I have always wanted to visit. The exotic colors and smells. The Taj Mahal. The Indian food that I love. The refined and calming atmosphere I have come to know from the people I have met here in the U.S.

How disturbing to read of the way women are actually treated in India today. The brutal rape and death of a young women in India recently is unbelievable. From what I have been reading women in India cannot go out after dark unaccompanied ( or in this case even the presence of a male companion was not a deterrent)  for fear of assault. Not the idea of the India I had conjured up in my head. Again, I am astounded at how naive I really am.

The only thing that is different about this rape is that people are responding. The men have been caught but if they will be brought to justice is still in question. People are protesting in the street. Apparently women are not thought of in high regard in India. Or for that matter in many countries. It can still be argued that even in the U.S. we are "second class citizens." Why? Women worldwide need to stand up for themselves and REAL men need to support them. Women should not be afraid to leave there homes after dark for any reason. Men who defile them should be brought to justice. But more importantly men should be taught to respect women as equals. Not as possessions, sexual conquests or inferiors. We are your mothers, sisters and wives.

So as a single woman I will put off traveling to India. I just don't feel safe.

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