Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hot Water

January 8, 2012

Yesterday I ran out of hot water. Not because I was running all the appliances and showering at the same time. But Hilary and I should be able to shower at the same time, right? I went downstairs with my LED flashlight to investigate. Uh oh, water on the floor near the hot water heater. I called Gino, my plumber. He was coming that afternoon to fix my bathroom toilet. He talked me through shutting off the valve on the heater and waited while I measured it and gave him the serial numbers. Then he ordered a new hot water heater and had it delivered in the afternoon.

I met Gino when he came to hook up the water line for my beautiful refrigerator. The one I still say good night to when I go to bed. Gino was another perk from that purchase. Anyway when he got here and went downstairs he said,"Is that all the water that came out?" Is there a requirement? I guess there is. He didn't think anything was wrong with the heater. After checking things out, flushing the line and fixing my toilet he went back down and declared the heater was fine. It may have just "run over." Then he started saying things about plumbing and upkeep I didn't understand. All I knew was that I had hot water again.

But now we had to get the heater up the stairs. I talked the strong young man who brought it to take it downstairs. Gino said he would return another day with help. "I can help you." After all I got the desk up the stairs with Josh and I am working on my upper body strength at the gym!! Well, we did bring it up one step at a time. I apologized for maybe over reacting but he was very gracious. Only charging me for the toilet and not the aggravation of the heater. And now I can do the laundry!!!


  1. Wow! Gino was another good soul. I really appreciate people like that, willing to offer help without getting anything in return, and take note, it’s not even related to his profession. You’re lucky to have known Gino. By the way, how’s your heater now?

    -Darryl Iorio

  2. Hello, dear! Hmmm...I wouldn’t miss water heater these days. It’s good to know that Gino never hesitated to help. I mean, it’s rare to find people like him nowadays, who is very much skilled and is very willing to walk extra miles to lend a hand. Is he checking your pipes and waterline regularly? I bet you would barely have plumbing problems with him around. Please keep us posted! =)
    -Carmella Vancil

  3. Way to go, Gino! LOL! Isn't it nice when your plumber does his job as expected of him? That is going an extra mile for a satisfactory customer service, I must say. ^_^ He's thoughtful, too, for not charging you with the heater service. Have a happy “laundry-ing!” If there is even such a word. Hihi! ;P

    Althea Tumlin