Friday, January 11, 2013

As Long As You Love Me

January 11, 2012

Justin Bieber. Adorable, isn't he? Such a little boy and already a millionaire. Is he talented? I suppose so. I enjoy some of his music but can't get past his age. How old is he anyway?

But I did like his song, "As Long As You Love Me." How sweet and romantic. But then I really thought about the lyrics. "We can be starving, we can be homeless, we can broke." Not so much.

Maybe when I was seventeen. Maybe when I was too headstrong to listen to my mother's advice about love and relationships. About how someone's family and upbringing can affect their outlook on all their other connections. About how easy it would be to walk away from your family.

But not now. I can't be starving, homeless OR broke. For anyone. Even you George. (Although I suspect you could afford me!) I can't ever "give up everything" for anyone. Because everything means too much to me now. The people who remain in my life are too precious to leave behind for anyone.

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