Wednesday, January 9, 2013


January 9, 2012

I have all this new technology now and am slowly getting used to maintaining it. I figured out how to hook up my new phone to the bluetooth even if it did involve a visit to the Subaru dealership and one to the Verizon store. I also had to download an upgrade from my computer to the phone. When I told the kid at Verizon I wasn't sure I could do that he simply looked up at me and deadpanned ,"Yes, you can." And I did. And the phone works every time I get in the car!!!!

But alas, I'm not as savvy as I would like to believe. Josh and Jocelyn were here to partake of the Omaha steaks and wine I received for Christmas from my very generous friend. Josh commented that my computer was slow. Hilary chimed in that I left too many tabs open, etc... Josh said he would install something new. Crone, or so I thought he said. "Please don't mess with my computer. I know where everything is," I pleaded. Jocelyn said, "When you reach a certain age you need Crone." Did I hear her correctly? I know she is comfortable with me but comfortable enough to call me a crone? Do I look THAT old? I would have to seriously rethink my plastic surgery timeline.

But it's not crone, its Chrome. Google Chrome, whatever that is. And all my stuff is still there just like before. As Josh has said many times, "Mom, you really have no idea how the internet works, do you?" To which I reply, "No, that's why I have you!"


  1. I did actually say "when you hit a certain age you need crone"... I was just teasing you though since Crome is one of the savvier and more recent web browsers! (Hardly something for a crone!)

    1. So I guess I DON'T need a hearing aide after all!