Monday, February 18, 2013

Weight Watchers

February 18, 2013

I am a weight watcher drop out many times over. I have tried every one of their plans and have signed up too many times to count. I have gone to the meetings where people clap for a 1/4 pound weight loss and heard stories of people who put chocolate chips in their cereal. I have listened to the leaders talk about what to eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas to "stay on the plan." Come on. Who really does that? I don't even think the CEO of WW does that. I've lost lots of weight many times over but never stayed long enough to become a life time member. I am a very weak woman!

Last year when I was going through all that turmoil I just stopped eating. Not consciously. I simply had no desire to eat. I lost weight like crazy. For a while people were telling me how good I looked. But I was close to suicidal and didn't care how I looked. Then people started to ask if I was sick. Even I got scared at that point. I remember Annie calling me a few times a day to see if I had eaten. "Have an english muffin," she'd say. An ENGLISH MUFFIN!!! I couldn't possibly eat an entire english muffin. But gradually my mood lifted and I began to ( as you know ) enjoy food again.

I don't think I will ever return to WW. The thought of counting every morsel I put into my mouth depresses me. When the bread comes to the table I want to have some. I"m Italian. I want, no, I NEED, pasta. Regular semolina pasta not the whole wheat kind. Or god forbid corn pasta. It just doesn't taste the same. And anyone who says it does is delusional. And I want to dip my bread in the sauce. Or in olive oil. And put ricotta and parmesan on it. And have a salad with GOOD dressing. And I won't even begin to talk about pizza. Bread, sauce and cheese. The perfect food.

I don't want to take up two seats at the movies or have people pray that I'm not sitting next to them in an airplane but I'm pretty sure my chance for being a Victoria's Secret model has past. So, when the bread comes to the table I'm going to have a slice or two. Or three if I have enough sauce. After all we already established that the smile is the number one thing on!

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