Thursday, February 21, 2013

Speed Dating

February 21, 2013

Have you heard of speed dating? I find the concept very interesting. A group of single people meet and do a sort of musical chairs. They spend ten minutes talking to a member of the opposite sex at each table. At the end of the evening you hand in a form listing your choices. The moderator then puts you in touch with anyone who expressed an interest in you. I think.

Anyway I thought that would be the best use of my very limited time. Ten minutes with each person to ask important questions. I wouldn't have to waste a few hours being with someone I knew I could never hit it off with. So, what to ask?

My list? Do you have a job and health insurance? A quick check of the teeth. Sense of humor and ability to make fun of yourself ( so important if you are to spend even a modicum amount of time with me.) Directness. Tell me what you want, for god sake! We were all in the kitchen at work discussing "the list."

The one thing I did not think to ask was brought up by one of my colleagues. "How much credit card debt do you have?" WOW!!! Having never had credit card debt myself I never even considered that question. See? It takes a village. But is that a question to ask at speed dating? And since I never plan to remarry again should I even care about that? And the other thing to consider is the fact that I am a nurse. This same colleague also pointed out that I did not want to be a caregiver to a needy man. And as my friend Jill stated I don't want to be "a nurse with a purse." Or as Jennie put it, "You'll always have a job!"

So I'll have to think a little more about speed dating. And I guess about dating in general.

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