Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 13, 2013

Good Morning America had a segment about yesterday. They talked about a survey done by the company regarding what people look for in the opposite sex. Guess what the number one quality  for both sexes is?

TEETH!!! I knew I was on the right track all these years! All that money and time spent at the dentist. And here I was worried that I was lacking in the boobs department. When all along all I needed was nice teeth. And a smile. Which I believe I have. At least that's what Margo keeps telling me. But she may be a little biased.

The second quality, again for both sexes is grammar!! Boy am I on the right track. I hate bad grammar and misspelled words. I remember when the kids were in school and the teachers told them to just write and not worry about the spelling! REALLY??? Why? I guess spellcheck has taken care of that problem. But it actually hurts me to see words spelled incorrectly in a note or letter. But who writes those anymore? And no matter how good looking a person is the minute they open their mouth and something stupid comes out its over for me. Of course, depending on HOW good looking they are I could probably stand stupid for a week or so!

And the third thing is hair. Who knew? All that work and plastic surgery to have bigger breasts, smaller thighs and firm abs and all you really need is dental checkups, education and a good stylist. I'd like to think I have all three.

So, am I ready for Not quite yet. But it's nice to know I have some of the requirements!

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