Friday, February 22, 2013


February 22, 2013

I have been thinking of adopting a cat for awhile. We had two cats until Muffin died. Then we had my two grandkitties when Josh and Jocelyn went to China for a year. They coexisted with Ophelia, if not exactly joyfully, but at least tolerably. I even thought they grew to have a love/hate relationship.

So when they left I was worried Ophelia would be lonely while we were at work. But Hilary didn't agree. Ophelia follows her around like a puppy, waiting for her outside the bathroom, sleeping with her and running to the door when she comes home. Finally Hilary agreed to go look at cats.

She started looking online. And what did she come up with? A blind cat and one with asthma. Of course, what else would two nurses want for a pet? So off we went last Saturday. I was concerned that we hadn't brought the carrier and I didn't have another litter box. Not to worry. I didn't leave with a cat that day.

I had to pass an inspection! Be approved. I asked if there would be a home visit involved. But no. Just a call to my vet and a credit check ( kidding ) but they did take my license number. Did they do a background check? Luckily I don't have any priors but there is still time. Anyway I passed inspection. I got a call the next day that I could come a pick out a cat.

So today we are going again to look them over. The blind one got a home already but there were so many adorable kitties I hope we don't come home with more one!

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