Monday, February 25, 2013

Hats,Scarves, Gloves

February 25, 2013

I'm sick of winter clothes! Sweaters, long pants, boots and long sleeve tops. But I'm really starting to hate the two long down coats one of which I wear everyday. The same ones I was so glad to have at the beginning of the winter because they are so warm. I can't stand looking at them or wearing them anymore. When will it end? I know, I know. I spent two weeks in a warm climate but after being snowed in for 4 days and the bitter cold that followed it seems like ages ago that I was laying by the pool.

I just want to be warm. I want to wear capris and sandals. I want to turn off the heat and open the windows. I'm even tired of the fireplace. I want to sit on my porch and eat dinner out there. I want to go to the beach. When I go to a restaurant I want them to ask, "Would you like to sit outside?"

It threatened to snow all weekend. I was on call this weekend so I paid particular attention to the weather. Although it didn't snow I worried about being unable to get to work. Or just being stressed by the thought of driving in unsafe conditions. And the cold!! There is nothing like getting called from your comfortable,warm bed in the middle of the night and going out in the cold, dark night. If George Clooney were waiting for me that would be a different story but most people cannot even begin to imagine what I am likely to encounter. And yes, George wouldn't even have to pick me up, buy me dinner or be conversant. I will lower my standards for a rendezvous with him. Of course if given a choice I would prefer to be at the Lake Como house but who am I to complain?

And as it happened I did get called to work. Not in the middle of the night, although 7PM COULD be considered the middle of the night for me sometimes! Yes, I wore the down coat BUT I got to see George on TV while waiting for my patient to come out of surgery. And you know what? Although he is looking older he is still a gorgeous man. But still, when will it get warm?

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