Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tobacco, Sandalwood and Bathtubs

February 12, 2013

I am barely getting through this storm. Trapped in the house for days and going stir crazy. Although I have power for which I am very thankful. But I HATE the cold, the ice, coats, hats and winter sports. Snow is pretty to look at for a day or two and then ENOUGH. Unless you are a "non essential" employee and then I guess it doesn't matter.

The only way I have been coping is to think of my recent stay at The Mandarin in Bangkok. So beautiful, so elegant and civilized. And so warm! The atmosphere so sensual and inviting and exotic. But what did I love the most? The bathroom! A room and a half really. A huge tub with balt salts, double sinks and a separate shower room. All kinds of toiletries and a white cotton robe for each of us. (Stop laughing, Lori) Bottled water in a fabric holder.

The tub was enormous. So big that I couldn't push myself up with my feet. The bath salts made bubbles and smelled divine. If I wasn't afraid of drowning I would have slept in there. But I did tear myself away long enough to sit by the pool, eat and drink and take an excursion to the floating market. But it was tough to choose.

Everyday we went in the gift store for some necessity. I found these wonderful perfumes in there. One was tobacco and one was sandalwood. How good could tobacco smell, you might be thinking? So good! I sprayed it on me everyday. It reminded me of a bygone era. And the sandalwood. Not quite as wonderful as tobacco but very nice. I decided I needed both of them to make my return to reality a little easier. And I am certainly glad I treated myself. I am transported every time I spray them on.

So maybe bathroom pictures are weird. I never claimed to be normal. And you know how much I worship my refrigerator. I also have a picture of THAT in my phone. Now, when I feel bad about being unable to retire early I look at all my favorite things. Just like my new perfumes, they make life just a little easier!

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