Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Top Ten

March 1, 2013

                              Top Ten Things I'm Not Embarrassed About Anymore

1. Not knowing anything about car maintenance and relying exclusively on my mechanic.

2. Ditto for heating, cooling and plumbing.

3. Using the fake logs in the fireplace.

4. Hiring someone to do ALL the yard work. Including planting and pruning, things I could easily do
    but don't like.

5. Not having the cleanest house in town.

6. Sending back food in a restaurant.

7. Checking a bill and sometimes questioning it.

8. Calling workmen on the phone and dealing with them when they arrive.

9. Asking for help.

10. Putting myself first.

After your husband leaves you for a lesbian and then spends the next six months doing everything
he can to humiliate and hurt you there isn't much left that can embarrass you. Just looking at the silver lining now.

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