Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pancakes for Breakfast

March 27, 2013

I love a really good breakfast. ( OK, I feel the same about lunch and dinner) Making it was always HIS job so I had to brush up on my skills. I can make eggs, soft and runny like I prefer. Most restaurants never get them soft enough (except for the cook at the Mandarin). But I have those down pat. And I make great home fries. Microwave red or yukon gold potatoes, or use the last nights baked potato, then fry it up with oil and a little butter, onions and some herbs. Yummy.

But pancakes? I was never good at that. We haven't made pancakes since the incident but this past Sunday Hilary and I decided to have some. I looked up a recipe on line. Martha Stewart's. How could I go wrong? But go wrong I did.

To say they were thin is an understatement. They looked like the rubber discs you use to open jars. Hilary very kindly said, "They look funny but they taste good, Mom." Even she didn't have the heart to make fun of them. So I can't make pancakes. Big deal. I should have suggested going to Lena's Cafe in Westville where they have the best pancakes I have tasted in a long time. You can sit by the window and watch the hustle and bustle on Whalley Avenue and not even have to clean the dirty dishes.

I will have to keep trying in the pancake department. Just like I had to make many attempts to perfect the anginettes (thanks to Annie.) Although I don't believe Josh will ever think mine are as good as Jennies, they are a close second. And I WILL master the pancake.

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