Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cable TV

March 13, 2013

My TV saga still baffles me. My plasma TV wasn't working correctly. Sometimes it would turn on and sometimes not. When I called Comcast they insisted we trouble shoot over the phone. Something I really hate to do. But we did and they told me it was a "TV issue." Really? I didn't think the TV was that old. (Annemarie told me I need to keep a file for everything I buy so I can look up the date of purchase.)

Another few weeks go by and I call someone to service the TV. Instead of testing it out in my house they insisted they had to take it to the shop to test the "boards." Ok. I call them after a week and am told something needs to be replaced. Something expensive. And they couldn't guarantee it would work for long.

So I go to Art's Appliance Store. The same place where I purchased my beautiful refrigerator. Ten minutes later I leave. They were to deliver my new TV later that week. Friday came and so did the TV.
But the cable connection was iffy. They were here for a while and I thought I would be late for work. But when they left everything was perfect. The picture was awesome. Almost freaky. It felt like  the actors were right in the room with us.

I went to the Berkshires for the weekend with my oldest friends in the world. I told the all about the fabulous TV I had purchased. I looked forward to sitting in front of it on Sunday night and watching a show. But when I walked in the door Hilary said,"the TV isn't working!" How did I know that was going to happen? It simply said "No Signal" every time I tried to turn it on. 

Why do things like this happen on the weekend when you can't call anyone for help? Except Comcast. I called them and insisted they make an appointment for me. Of course for a few minutes they tried to patronize me but by that point I was having none of that. I told them I was NOT going to reboot, crawl under the TV or unplug anything. That is what I'm paying them to do.

So, yesterday the very young cable boy came and replaced the box. It wasn't working, imagine! Now I have a brand new TV which I didn't really need. But it is awesome. The repair people insist there is still something wrong with my old TV but I'm thinking of having them bring it back here.

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