Monday, March 18, 2013

Blinkers Optional

March 18, 2013

I'm confused. I have a fairly new car (my consolation prize, or as someone so kindly put it, my victory prize) and mine came equipped with blinkers. And I use them every time I turn. Sometimes I even use them when I am turning out of my own driveway. So what about the majority of people who don't bother? Are there models that don't have blinkers? Is it not being taught in driving school? Or are people just too cool to use them?

Am I supposed to know when driving behind someone lost in thought that they are going to turn left into a store or their home? They abruptly stop right in front of me and SIT in the street while I slam on my brakes and use a variety of off color words. And off color words have become my speciality. Words I never thought I'd use and didn't even think in my mind. I save the really good ones for ANITA PEDULLA but I've amassed many others. Some even suggested to me by other people.

So lets get back to the blinkers. Today an old geezer almost ran me off the road as he slowly moved over into my lane in front of me without putting on his blinker. THEN he proceeded to travel at 20 miles per hour. 1. Why not just let me pass? 2. Just use your BLINKER!!!! I would have let you in if I had any idea what you wanted.

So please, those of you who are to special to follow the rules of the road, please tell me how difficult it is to flip the switch on your blinker. Are you the same people who throw wrappers out of your car window, blare your music, text while you drive or are you just a(n) _______? (fill in your favorite word)

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