Friday, October 26, 2012

This Is Your Brain On Crafts

September 26, 2012

Margo recently sent me an article about crafting. The mental health benefits that crafting can bring. Margo, I'm NOT crafty. Don't want to be crafty, not good at it and don't enjoy it. In fact the very thought of knitting, painting, needlepoint or any other activity in that category makes my blood run cold.

Don't you remember when we took knitting together way back when? We were new brides back in the day. You talked me into going. We were supposed to make a vest. Instead of purling the back I knit or vice versa. The instructor told me to take it apart and I refused. She asked me not to return to the next class. I think you were also asked not to come back. That was my last foray into the world of crafting. (Except for those gorgeous Halloween costumes I slaved over!)

But my friend, you have come a long way from that day. I love the things you make. In fact, you can make things for me anytime you want. But I don't want to personally do any of them myself. Thank you for not asking me to join the prayer group, the bible study or the Republican Party. But PLEASE stop trying to get me to scrapbook, crotchet, embroider or do calligraphy. Rest assured I have enough to occupy my mind!

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