Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Financial Advice

October 16, 2012

My financial adviser, Charlie, tries really hard to help me understand my finacial situation. I have met with him many times. In fact I am going to see him again today. I was supposed to go over some of the brochures he sent me home with from our last meeting.

I recently read an article that stated women are not as astute as men at grasping finances. I find that a broad generalization but in my case it is probably true. While Charlie is talking to me about the caps, NASDAQ, S&P 500, securities etc. want to know what I am thinking about? His shirts. Yes, that's right. His shirts are so white and neatly pressed. And he wears cuff links. And the cuffs are monogrammed. Does he send them out or does his wife spend all day getting them into that pristine condition? Then I look up and realize he is asking me a question!!! WTF was he talking about? I usually gather my things at that point and tell him I have to go home and think about my options. When I get home I throw the pamphlets on my desk and promptly forget about looking them over. And even if I did I wouldn't understand them.

Maybe I should just fess up to him. I have no idea what my best options are. Just do whatever you think is best. But I hate to have to admit that. So when I go back I will try very hard to pay attention, Maybe I'll just ask the shirt questions right up front and get them out of the way. Then I'll be able to concentrate on the important stuff.

An update on cohabitation. I read an article in the Times this weekend. People who cohabit are no happier than married people. In fact less so. All committed relationships take lots of work. There's a surprise.


  1. Confusion about finances???? Watch the Suze Orman show a couple of Saturday nights, and see what little knowledge some people really have! I'm not one of her fans, but I usually end the program feeling fairly financially secure... due to the guidance of MY financial planner. With regard to Charlie, I strongly suspect he has his shirts done professionally. Monogrammed, French cuffed shirts don't get tossed in the Maytag at the end of the day. Its a good thing that he is so particular in his appearance. Kind of like the plastic surgeon with the tailored scrubs. Attention to details!! Just as important when managing a client's money! Just remember "dollar cost averaging" and "diversification". Be watchful over the money that was in any way connected with the now non-existant, HSR corporation.
    Don't walk out of Charlie's office feeling bewildered. Try rattling off some medical terminology and conditions, and see his eyes glaze over!

    1. Thanks Jill. Doing the HSR stuff now and just kept putting it off so I'm in a little panic mode now.

  2. When talking to any financial advisor its best to be as honest with them as you can, if you don't it will just waste both your time because you will not be getting the best advice from the advice he/she can offer!

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