Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the Kitchen

October 17, 2012

One of my favorite cookbooks is one I recently bought. It is called In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite by Melissa Clark. She is a food writer for the New York Times and has written and collaborated on many cookbooks. Her recipes are practical but different and enticing.

When I cut back my work hours I was excited about trying her recipes for Dave and I. For a long time I could not look at her cookbook but last night I took it out and made her asparagus with anchovy bread crumbs and eggs. It is the perfect supper to make when getting home from work, tired and hungry. Simple, easy to prepare comfort food but with a twist.

Maybe I will try all her recipes like the Julia/Julie blog. Maybe I should forget the wine trail and just cook this fall. At any rate I would encourage anyone to try some of her recipes. Especially my Google+ acquaintance who is into corn pasta ( if you are still reading. ) You could get them online at the New York Times or maybe just Google her name. You would be surprised at what real food tastes like.

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