Friday, October 12, 2012

The Berkshires

  October 11, 2012

I just got home from spending the night in the Berkshires with Margo, who has been my friend since seventh grade. We used to spend the weekend before Christmas at the Red Lion Inn for several years when the kids were little. Margo and Annemarie have continued that tradition but I did not. Dave thought it was too boring, why couldn't we go to a different place each year?, yada yada.

Margo was worried that I would be bored. That I only enjoy big cities with lots to do. And I do enjoy that. But I also enjoy the quiet and peaceful places. I enjoyed reminiscing about being young. About Claire saving me turkey on Thanksgiving because she knew I didn't have it at home. About the corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day which I would certainly never have had in my Italian house. About her hiding the aginettes. About being Daughter #3. About Bud worrying about me when Joe broke up with me right before the junior prom and how he called up to us, "Does she need a glass of water?" as I ran up the steps crying! I wish he were here now to offer me water and consolation.

Aside from the fact that I forgot my overnight bag at home and had to turn around a half hour into the ride to retrieve it and Margo booking the room without the bathroom ( which I clearly offered to pay extra for!) I had a great time. And I did look hot walking down the hall in the terrycloth Red Lion Inn robe to the shower.

We talked about old times and some of the newer times. I even got to visit two new libraries. It was just what I needed and at just the right time. The trees were not at peak but the company was superb. Missed you though Annemarie!

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