Monday, October 8, 2012

Cooking Therapy

October 8, 2012

I have found that cooking cheers me up. Hey Mom, I AM turning into you! Bet you never thought it would happen! I spent the weekend cooking up a storm. Sorry, Jill. No jewelry shopping.

Made a vat of chicken soup and froze some in anticipation of that scratchy throat I know will come some cold bitter night. Then lots of vegetarian meals for Hilary. String beans with potatoes and carrots in sauce, beans and macaroni and cream of tomato and basil soup. I used the last of the basil from my deck. There is just a little left for me to freeze and use in the winter. The smell of fresh basil in the middle of winter is awesome. If I don't stop cooking I will be using the bariatric toilets we had installed at work!

I also had the yard work done this weekend by a very nice young man. It made me both happy and sad. Glad to see everything looking neat but sad that it is being done by a stranger. Looking out the kitchen window and seeing someone I don't know in my yard. But next time he comes I WILL know him. He'll be Brian, the guy who takes care of my lawn. I even talked him into eating some of the food I made. See, I am getting just like Jennie.

The garden is gone too. I had Brian take it out. I really hate yard work. I hate digging in the dirt, sweating and getting accosted by bugs. Next year will just be the herb garden on my deck and maybe some flowers. The tomatoes at Hindinger's were better than any I could have grown and they are practically in my back yard.

Am I feeling better? Maybe, a little. Baby steps, as Bill Murray said in "What About Bob." One of the funniest movies ever!

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  1. Some other weekend for Sunday shopping. You still need that autumn treat! Not necessarily jewelry, but a little something each season is very therapeutic. Nothing you were cooking sounds unhealthy. I don't think you will need to consider the bariatric toilet (eye-yi-yi!)like they have at work. Yes, you will get to know Brian. Just be sure you don't happen to look out your kitchen window at 2:00 AM some morning and see him THEN!!! Can totally relate about yard work. I guess only native Floridians have the heat/bug tolerating genes. I certainly don't... the bugs just will not go away! Have a good week!