Monday, February 24, 2014

Divorce Recovery Top Ten

February 24, 2014

                                                Top Ten Signs of Recovery

10. I  go out to dinner. A lot.

9. I can travel. In spite of the fact that just a short while ago I thought I would never leave my          
    bedroom, let alone my house.

8. I can say, "I'm divorced" without the catch in my voice. Although I do still find it unbelievable.

7. I can manage my finances. And for anyone who really knows me that is an incredible feat.

6. I can plan for the future. And be happy about it.

5. I have made new friends.

4. I care about other people and their problems again.

3. I can go to sleep without Ambien. Although I still have it around for emergency use.

2. I can get out of bed in the morning without the pep talk in my head.

1. I have realized how lucky I am even if my life did not turn out as I had planned. And I can assure           others who are just starting this journey that they will survive.


  1. I enjoy your writing and insight very much.
    Jerald Young

  2. Congratulations, Lucille! These are really great signs that you’re on the right direction in moving on with your divorce. You certainly deserve this, because facing the overwhelming and emotional process of divorce is very traumatic. But I’m happy that you’re way past that now. I hope it will to continue to be that way as years pass by. Keep enjoying!


  3. Thank-you. Hope this is helping some people navigate their divorce.

  4. I have to agree with Marshall. Divorce isn't something that most people have an easy time dealing with. Some sulk to no extent, others depressed, while some who are like you discovers a new way to live life and enjoy its perks in a different perspective. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Lynette Mcguire

  5. Thanks Lynette. After protecting yourself financially dealing with your emotions is a top priority.