Wednesday, February 5, 2014

San Diego, Anyone?

February 5, 2014

This past weekend was a treat. Not so sunny, but warm and dry. By warm I mean 40's instead of teens. I wore my fleece jacket instead of the long down coat. No gloves or scarf. Just when I gave up the idea of leaving the house to Josh and trying to talk Hilary into moving to San Diego the nicer weather arrived. But not for long.

Snow on Monday, but just a little. It actually looked beautiful on my way to work. That soft heavy snow that clings to the trees and makes the whole scene look like a movie set. Quiet and serene. The perfect New England picture. (Also causes power outages but we won't mention that) This morning was different. So much snow out there when I woke up made me glad I did not have to work. Then sleet and freezing rain. Perfect trifecta of bad weather. I went outside to shovel near the garage door where the plow left a pile of snow. Just in case it gets frozen later. When I was done I was wet and cold. Love that!

So I will dream of the summer and my flip flops. Maybe I will look at jobs in San Diego or Santa Monica. I wonder if there are any nursing jobs in Turks and Caicos.

My cute little birds in the back yard.

The scene in my front yard this morning.

Ahhh, my happy place. Maybe I'll make a rum punch this afternoon.

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