Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Hour

February 3, 2014

Josh and I have discussed reviewing chicken wings, much like I did ice cream. I was pretty crazy during that time. I remember driving all over the state and beyond trying ice cream at different places. Oh the restorative powers of that creamy, icy confection. So now I guess it's time to talk about more substantial food. Now that I am less crazy. Ok. Still crazy but in a good way.

Chicken wings....the happy hour staple. I'm sure I already mentioned that Dempsey's is one of my most favorite places to eat and drink. The food is always good and you get to throw peanut shells on the floor. The wings are delicious, but then again I'm biased. I've also recently had the Asian wings at Briq. Very different with a sweet marinade but soooo good. Both places are in New Haven and have an extensive menu and great drinks.

But last night we went to Mikro in Hamden. I love it there. It's small and cozy and has craft beers. We again had the chicken wings. They were falling off the bone good. The blue cheese was a little to firm for my taste, I prefer dipping to scooping, but all in all a good choice. We have tried many things on the menu and there isn't a bad dish to be had.

So I'm not sure what is my favorite so far. Probably Dempsey's because they take such good care of me there. But I guess we have a lot of tasting to do.

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