Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet The Beatles

February 10, 2014

Last night I stayed up past my bedtime. I was still downstairs at 10:30. Unheard of especially in the winter when I sometimes put my pj's on at 4:30. When I started to watch the Beatles tribute I didn't think I would make the whole show. But something magical happened. I was transported back in time to an era where things were simple and I truly believed love could conquer all. 

What a great show. Watching young artists signing the songs I grew up with was amazing. And to see the audience all signing along was a testament to just how timeless their music has become. I can't ever listen to a Beatles song without wanting to sing along. 

Let It Be, Revolution, Sargent Pepper and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. I remember my sister buying me my first album, Meet the Beatles, when I was six. I can still see myself in our tiny living room in East Haven playing it over and over on the victrola. I still have that old album and the record player! Paul was my favorite. I used to kiss his picture while listening to him sing. I used to pretend they wrote Lucy In The Sky for me even after I realized it was about LSD. And of course, I Saw Her Standing There, because I was seventeen when I met Dave. The story of my life and my generation all there last night in my family room. Who could sleep?

I sometimes miss those simpler times. Living in a small ranch with one bathroom and 3 small bedrooms. There was no family room or dining room when I grew up. Only one wall phone that I would go into the bathroom with to talk privately. Do I really need all the rooms I have now and the three bathrooms? When I'm cleaning I definitely miss the tiny ranch of my youth. Or maybe I just miss my youth! But last night brought it all back again. And reminded me of how lucky I am to have lived the kind of life I have. Bittersweet...

I could never bring myself to get rid of these.

My old record player

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