Friday, October 25, 2013

Frost Advisory

October 25, 2013

Summer is really over. I am still wearing my flip flops but my feet are freezing. I finally turned on the heat and took my plants in from the porch. I'm going to have to bring the shovel into the garage because last year I couldn't get to it in the shed with all the snow. I used the small car shovel to try to make a path outside for days while we were snowed in. I still have lots of ice melt for the driveway but maybe I should check to see if its still useable.

The leaves are falling like crazy. I love walking down the driveway and feeling them crunch beneath my feet. Remembering when I used to rake them into piles for the kids to jump into. Although maybe I'm not remembering that exactly like it happened. I raked them into piles to pick up and they would jump into them and mess them up again. What was I doing raking anyway? Now I have someone pick them up and cart them away. And the acorns are all over the driveway. Does that mean a brutal winter? I thought I heard that once. I can't imagine it being worse than last year.

Yesterday I lit the first fire of the season. We ate in the family room in front of it. Okay so it was the "fake" logs but they are perfect. I can light one when I come home from work and it is out by bedtime. Not mess with he kindling and dragging logs into the house. I can go upstairs to sleep and not worry about embers setting the house on fire. Some concessions have to be made and that is one of them. I'm good with that.

So another summer down. Holidays are right around the corner. I seem to be in a better place. Hope I don't have a crying attack in Target like I did last year when I got to the Christmas display. But if I do I know I have a lot of people to talk me through it.

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