Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cat Fight

July 2, 2013

I wish I could say this post involved me and Anita Pedulla, but it doesn't. She is too frightened to even speak to me over the phone and I don't want to get arrested by actually being in the same state. Maybe she is too ashamed to talk to me? But no. I'm pretty sure she is shameless. There I go, digressing again. This really is about my kitties. Lucy and Hazel that is. I took them to the vet last week to try to figure out how we were all going to live together. But the first problem was getting them in the carriers.

I enlisted Josh, the cat whisperer, to help me. He thought he was just going to accompany me and I would have them all ready to go when he got here. NO WAY. I needed help just putting them in the two carriers. We spent a good part of thirty minutes chasing them around the house trying to corner them and screaming at each other. Remember I'm Italian. Josh is just loud. Finally we sequestered them in my bedroom where they promptly hid under the bed. We tried to lure them out with treats to no avail. I tried pushing them from one side over to Josh. We were both spread out on the floor, sweating and begging them to come out. Finally success!! I'm not sure how but it happened.

On to the vet. I told her about poor Ophelia at home, too scared to come down from the sewing machine because she is afraid of Lucy. And Lucy!!! So sweet looking but totally mischievous. She gave me some suggestions but then admitted I would probably have to find her another home to really solve the problem. I was heartbroken. She is really sweet when she isn't terrorizing the other two. Hazel is overweight so I have to put her on a diet. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. And Hilary does not hesitate  to remind me of that. And now they both have to go back in a few weeks to have booster shots. So we'll have to go through the same scene all over again. I'm giving it until then to start searching for a new home for Lucy. Maybe things will improve in the meantime. I keep trying to explain to her how important good behavior is but I am not making a dent. Sort of reminds me of all the talks I had with Josh when he was at Cheshire Academy.

The best thing about that day was enjoying drinks and dinner at Mikro. A really delicious end to a stressful day. It's too bad I can't end every stressful day at a micropub enjoying a good meal with the people I love.

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