Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Out New York

July 15, 2013

I received my renewal notice for Time Out New York this week. It's a weekly magazine that describes what is happening in the city. With all my new responsibilities I haven't had time to get to Manhattan as often as I would like. I miss it immensely.

I can remember a time when my life included being in the city almost ever other weekend. Planning what to do and see and looking for different places to eat was exciting. I thought that I would eventually get back to that. I bought a train pass and had even planned to go in alone on some of my days off. But it seems like something always came up that prevented me from going. An appointment, a chore or just life seems to have prevented an excursion.

I did get in to see a few plays. I hope to get to enjoy a few Fringe Festival offerings. We saw them last year and that was always sort of a tradition for us. Of course those traditions are totally different now. But they are still MY traditions.

So even though I renewed my New York State nurse's license ( who knows what life will bring ) I was not going to resubscribe to Time Out. But yesterday something wonderful happened. Howard and Lynn (Jocelyn's parents) included me in Josh's birthday celebration in Manhattan. We went in on the train to meet them. My ten ticket pass was about to expire and I had 8 trips left. As we got to 125th Street I began to get excited. And when I left the train at Grand Central I felt that old energy again. The very same feeling I've gotten my whole life from being in the city.

We had lunch at Sardi's. Very 1960's but so much fun. Baked Alaska!!! Set aflame at the table while the two little girls behind us watched in awe. And seeing Macbeth with Alan Cummings. Okay, so a little different interpretation. Josh and Jocelyn dissecting the concept on the way home. But I LOVED the whole day including the play. And as we were walking back to the station I again vowed that I would spend more time in the city.

So this morning I went in the recycle bin to retrieve the subscription notice for Time Out. I guess I'll renew for another year and see what life brings. Thanks to Lynn and Howard for your generosity.

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