Friday, July 19, 2013

Can You Be Too Beautiful?

July 19, 2013

Yesterday I went to get my windshield repaired. It had a teeny tiny ding in it, something I thought I would just "monitor." But Josh insisted it needed to be fixed because it could weaken the glass. So I was at Safelite at 8:30 in the morning waiting for them to repair the damage. After telling me there was a possibility the repair might actually make the damage worse they left me in the waiting room. While there I was able to read the newspaper, which was again delivered late, at my uninterrupted leisure.

I read the MOST interesting Op-Ed article in the New York Times. Did you know there is such a thing as "lookism"? It refers to the preferential treatment given to people who conform to society's standard of beautiful. Who knew? Those people apparently make more money than others.

But it seems to have worked in the reverse for Melissa Nelson, a 33 year old dental assistant in Iowa. She was fired by her boss for being too pretty. James Knight, the dentist in question, was worried he would be tempted to have an affair with her because she was too attractive. May I again state, BOYS ARE STUPID. Okay, was it James or his wife who was worried? Or both of them? That says a lot about their relationship. I say Mrs. Knight needs to dump him now. Take it from me, things aren't going to get any better if you are worried about a pretty employee. Are men so weak minded that they can't work with an attractive woman? Come on all you men out there. Say something in your own defense. Let us know you are not just a bunch of animals ready to pounce on the next female. And what does it say about Ms Nelson? Just because she is attractive means she will be WILLING to sleep with a married man. Not all women are whores.

So anyway, Ms. Nelson sued on the grounds of sex discrimination. Surprisingly she lost. Apparently it is legal to be terminated if you are "an irresistible attraction." Shame on you in the Iowa Supreme Court. This sounds like a ruling from the Taliban. Maybe Dr. Knight needs to wear a chastity belt. And his wife should keep the key. That seems like the only way to keep every one in line.

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