Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Sports?

January 8, 2013

I recently spent a  few days in Vermont. I went snow shoeing (under duress.) It was fun but I don't really have to ever do it again. Many years ago I went to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont where I went cross country skiing. I remember skiing up a hillside to what was billed as a restaurant. It took us most of the morning and when we got there it was a cabin in the woods that sold hummus sandwiches and sprouts. The kids were young and I recall using an outhouse in the freezing cold. You really haven't lived until you remove your garments outdoors in sub zero temperatures. On the way down I had to remove my skis because I was too scared to keep them on. I went a few more times after that, but I never really enjoyed being out in the cold.

On this trip I remembered all the reasons why I never "took" to skiing. The equipment ( boots, skis, head gear, googles), the clothes ( hats, gloves, scarves, neck warmers, ski pants and jackets), the logistics (being bussed from your car or hotel to the mountain) and the expense ( lift tickets, rentals, hotels.) After an ill fated attempt at having a drink at a near by lodge was thwarted by masses of people crowded in to the lounge I was grateful it was never a sport anyone in my life was interested in doing.

Now the sun and the sand and the ocean...that's another story altogether. I could spend a lifetime there. I thought I was going to become a California girl all those years ago when I went out there to work. Maybe there is still time. One thing I know for sure Vermont is not on my list of second homes!

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