Friday, January 10, 2014

Bridge Scandal

January 10, 2013

As if I didn't have enough bridge phobia. Now I have to worry about man made traffic jams on major bridges. Very high bridges. Oh it only the George Washington Bridge I have to be concerned about traveling over? Is it only in New Jersey that politicians are REALLY stupid? But then again...Mark Sanford WAS reelected in South Carolina. I suppose stupidity like that is universal but I hope it is tempered with some staff members that have not only a brain but a conscience.

The pictures I saw on TV of the aftermath of closing lanes on the GWB were horrifying. Mass chaos. Cars all over in what looked like a parking lot. Emergency vehicles unable to get through traffic, school busses just sitting in traffic and cars EVERYWHERE. How do you close lanes on one of the busiest bridges in America without a valid reason? Did it just take one phone call? No one questioned the validity of that decision. They just went out and put up signs? I sometimes have to make two or three calls just to get the linen carts emptied in my unit never mind CLOSING lanes in New York City!

The emails following the debacle are revealing as well. Governor Christies staff delighting in the confusion and frustration of their own constituents. Just to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, NJ who did not support the governor? Really? And I can't even use my favorite excuse, Boys Are Stupid. The deputy chief of staff was a woman, a mother of four. Shame on you. And for the governor to claim he didn't know. Please. No one believes that. No matter how long the press conference lasts.

My suggestion to Governor Christie, ( I was starting to like you. Your tough no nonsense approach) just get a ten gallon hat and a pistol. We can bring the wild, wild west back to the East Coast.

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