Monday, March 10, 2014

Pre Divorce Maintenance Top Ten

March 10, 2014

In the months leading up to my divorce I received some much needed advice from one of my very good friends. After crying with me over the emotional wreckage of my marriage and family she composed a list of practical things I needed to accomplish. An "Angie's List" of divorce preparation. I decided to follow her advice since I was still in possession of the joint credit card. I'm sure I've missed a few things and added a few items of my own but here it goes.

10. Make a walk thru of your house and list needed repairs.

9. Get the furnace serviced and ready for the winter.

8. Check the air conditioning.

7. Clean the chimney and vents.

6. Get the cars tuned up.

5. Replace old window treatments.

6. Redo the master bedroom.

5. Buy a new appliance or two.

4. Spruce up the yard. Tree trimming and mulch.

3. Open your own bank account and credit cards.

2. Organize important papers.

1. Treat yourself to something nice without feeling guilty.


  1. Excellent list! May I add: taking all of his left shoes and or cutting off the right sleeve to all of his shirts/suites. Also give yourself a party with dessert being a wedding type cake with the groom cut from the bride and laying at her feet. B-)

  2. I’m really sorry for what you’ve suffered, Lucille. Two years have passed already, and I’m glad to know that you moved on with your life. It’s important to keep yourself busy, not only to forget the pain, but also to realize that you still have another chance to live your life fully. Anyway, good luck on the projects that you’re up to. I’m sure they’ll make you feel better after you accomplish them one after the other. :)

    Bill Cameron

  3. Great tips! I know it’s hard to think of the possible things to work on while your emotions are still suffering; however, you’ve done a great list of things to keep yourself busy. Hope you’ll be able to restore those that are in desperate need of repairs. Great things are yet to come, Lucille. Good luck! :)

    Jim Corrion