Monday, September 23, 2013

A Mouse In The House

September 23, 2013

What a beautiful weekend. Some overnight rain but mostly cool and sunny. I stayed home all weekend! What a gift. Getting ready for fall, decorating, cleaning and catching up. I loved it! But it was marred by one thing. A mouse.

A dead mouse in the basement. Killed by Hazel. A teeny, tiny thing. But a mouse none the less. I went downstairs to get something and I saw it at the bottom of the stairs. "Hilary come here," I yelled. She came to the top of the stairs but refused to go any further. "What do you want ME to do?" she asked. Well of course, I wanted her to get it out of there! But she refused. She did stand at the top of the stairs while I went down to make sure the teeny tiny mouse would not attack me. And then she suggested I call Josh. What a great idea!!! Could I possibly guilt him into coming over to dispose of this small creature?

"Are you kidding me?" was his response. In very well enunciated terms. Repeated twice in case I didn't hear it the first time. "No, I'm NOT kidding!" But I knew it was a futile request. I briefly considered paying someone to come over but by then I knew I was being ridiculous. So I got a shovel and scooped up the mouse and got rid of it in the yard.

But you know there is never just ONE mouse. I found another one soon after. That one is still down there until I decide to pick it up or Josh comes over. Which ever comes first. At least Hazel is earning her keep!

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